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You may be surprised to learn that many of the prominent species whose existence we take for granted are under increasing threat with their very existence being threatened, in most cases due to the effects of mankind on their natural habitats but also through hunting, amongst other causes.


Our mission is simple – to help raise awareness and perhaps more importantly to empower you to make a real difference by sponsoring one of these animals through the WWF and similar organisations such as The Aspinall Foundation – your generosity really can help ensure their survival not only in captivity but more importantly in the wild. Below are a selection of the endangered animals that you can help to protect through adoption, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Adopting one of these magnificent creatures costs so little and yet means so much. You can make a genuine difference by choosing to adopt an animal.


Sponsor A Meerkat

Sponsor a MeerkatHighly sociable and incredibly entertaining, these members of the mongoose family are native to the arid desert areas of southern Africa. Meerkat adoptions make a great gift for friends and family and have become increasingly popular presents following their spate of tv appearances, both in insurance adverts (simples!) and programmes such as Meerkat Manor. You can give a gift, raise a smile and do some good all at the same time by adopting a meerkat! You can learn more about the meerkat at sponsorameerkat.com and help to ensure their survival before it is too late. Adopt a meerkatand make a difference!


Sponsor A Penguin

Sponsor a PenguinLiving in temperatures as low as -40°C, the Adélie Penguins of the Antarctic Peninsula have seen a 65% decline in numbers in the last 25 years alone due to global warming and a number of other factors. These beautiful, sociable creatures synonymous with icy Antarctic conditions are under serious threat and urgent action is needed to prevent the predicted decline of 75% of the remaining colonies. The WWF is working to protect these marine birds and their environment, but it needs your help. You can learn more about the Adélie Penguins at sponsorapenguin.com and help to ensure their survival before it is too late. Adopt a penguin and make a difference!


Sponsor A Polar Bear

Sponsor a Polar BearTry telling a polar bear that global warming is a myth… as the polar ice continues to thin and weaken the natural habitat of these animals is becoming more and more treacherous, and as the ice breaks up they are forced to hunt further afield in order to feed themselves. This coupled with pollution from oil exploration and shipping means that the polar bear could be wiped out in the wild in around 30 years. Learn more about the challenges facing these arctic explorers at sponsorapolarbear.com. Adopt a polar bear today and start making a difference.


Sponsor A Dolphin

Sponsor a DolphinThe dolphin is considered to be one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet and according to studies they are considered to be one of mankind’s favourite animals – despite this 10,000 of them are killed by the fishing industry alone in the UK every year. A playful, highly sociable animal and a natural entertainer, the dolphin’s inquisitive behaviour often leads to it being seriously affected by our actions. The WWF is working tirelessly to protect these caetaceans from the threats they face. Learn more about these watery wonders at sponsoradolphin.com and help to ensure their survival before it is too late. Adopt a dolphin and make a difference!


Sponsor A Panda

Sponsor a PandaThere are, rather unbelievably, a mere 1100 pandas left in the wild. Increasing destruction of its natural habitat to make way for agriculture and to harvest timber resulted in half of its habitat being destroyed in a mere 14 year period. The sale of panda skin is now considered so scandalous that it carries the death penalty in China. Action has to be taken now to preserve these wild creatures before they are gone for good. Learn more about the demise of these beautiful bears at sponsorapanda.com and start making a difference while you can by choosing to adopt a panda.


Sponsor A Leopard

Sponsor a PandaThere are only around 35 Amur Leopards remaining in the wild and at least 11 have been killed illegally in the last 7 years alone – that’s over a quarter of their population. Habitat destruction, scarcity of food, poaching and forest fires are just some of the threats that these beautiful big cats face every single day of their lives. The WWF wants to change this and is working hard to do so, but your help is needed. Learn more about the plight of the Amur Leopard at sponsoraleopard.com and help to ensure that they do not join the ever-increasing list of extinct animals. Adopt a leopard and make a difference!


Sponsor An Elephant

Sponsor an Elephant The Asian elephant population has dwindled from 200,000 to just 30,000 in the last 100 years with the majority of that decline taking place in more recent years. Despite their god-like status in some cultures, mankind continues to destroy the habitat of the Asian elephant and threaten their very existence in the wild. Learn more about these powerful pachyderms at sponsoranelephant.com and start making a difference – they’ll never forget if you adopt one!


Sponsor A Giraffe

Sponsor a GiraffeThe giraffe is not only the tallest animal in the world, it is also seriously endangered. The Rothschild giraffe species has only a few hundred examples remaining and without continued conservation efforts extinction is a very real possibility. The Aspinall Foundation is working hard to protect animals such as the giraffe and you can help. Learn more about the gigantic giraffe at sponsoragiraffe.com and stick your neck out before the wild giraffe becomes nothing more than a tall story!


Sponsor A Lion

Sponsor a LionThe lion is not currently officially listed as an endangered species even though estimates show up to 70% of the wild lion population is thought to have disappeared over the last 20 years. The Aspinall Foundation is dedicated to lion conservation and is working hard to protect the ‘King of the Jungle’ and to help protect it from further decline. Learn more about these awesome animals at sponsoralion.com and help to ensure their survival before it is too late.


Sponsor A Turtle

Sponsor a Turtle Hunted illegally for their shell, their eggs and even for their meat 6 out of 7 species of marine turtle are now on the critically endangered species list. The Hawksbill Turtle now has only 15,000 nesting females remaining globally and its long-term survival is severely threatened as a result. The WWF is working tirelessly to preserve these creatures and to protect their marine environment from further damage and degradation. You can learn more about the Hawksbill Turtle and it’s struggle for survival at sponsoraturtle.com. Adopt a turtle and make a difference!


Sponsor A Monkey

Sponsor a MonkeyWe share 96.4% of our DNA, or genetic makeup with these tree-dwelling creatures of tremendous intelligence and yet our selfish attitude towards our closest living relatives has resulted in half of the wild population of orang-utans being wiped out in the last TEN YEARS alone. At the current rate of decline the orang-utan will be extinct in the wild in just 20 years. It doesn’t have to happen though. Learn more about these amazing apes at sponsoramonkey.com and start making a difference before they become a thing of the past. Adopt a monkey today and help safeguard their future.


Sponsor A Tiger

Sponsor a TigerThe tiger is critically endangered as a species in the wild and is being hunted to extinction due to the demand for its body parts for use in Chinese medicines. In the last 100 years alone the wild tiger population has dropped to a mere 5% of what it was and despite trade in tigers being illegal the demand seems only to be on the increase. The WWF are working hard to ensure its survival and you can help if you adopt a tiger. Learn more about these ferocious felines at sponsoratiger.com and help to ensure their survival before it is too late.


Sponsor A Rhino

Sponsor a RhinoOne of the most endangered species on the planet – the statistics showing the decline of the Rhino make for extremely unpleasant reading – one of the 5 distinct sub-species, the Javan rhino having only 70 remaining animals in the wild. Their numbers slashed through the destruction of their habitat and through hunting for use in traditional Chinese medicines, there are now so few adult animals remaining from which to breed that their extinction is certain without immediate action. Learn more about these huge herbivores at sponsorarhino.com and start making a difference while you can. Adopt a rhino before they disappear altogether!


Sponsor A Snow Leopard

Sponsor a Snow LeopardThe snow leopard is an endangered species of large cat that inhabits the mountains of Central Asia. It is a rare and secretive species, and lives in a harsh, remote mountainous environment, however, they are critically endangered as a species and there are estimated to be only 3,500 examples of this species remaining in the wild at present. The Aspinall Foundation is working hard to protect animals such as the snow leopard and you can help. Find out more about these cool cats at sponsorasnowleopard.com and help to ensure their survival before it is too late.


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